Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Interesting film which I felt got better over time. At the very beginning, I wanted to turn it off because I thought it was incredibly boring, but I decided to stick with it and the film improved after its opening sequence.

I really liked the film's violence, which is obviously great considering this is a Sam Peckinpah film. Visceral in its cinematography and editing. Loved it.

I also liked how Peckinpah's film is visually beautiful. An arresting portrait of the American West!

One thing I didn't like is how simplistic the film was thematically. Essentially what was happening was that the lawman (who is typically the movie hero) was more villainous and the criminal (who is typically the movie villain) was more heroic. Most of the film seemed to be a reiteration of this. Only at the ending does this conception gain complexity, because when Pat Garrett murders Billy the Kid, he realizes how hollow his own soul is. Adding to this is James Coburn's pathos, very well done. But other than that, Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid was thematically simplistic, and I wasn't a big fan of that.

To conclude, once I got with the flow of the film, it clicked. I enjoyed it, didn't love it but I'll throw it a like. That is all.

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