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  • Watchmen
  • Akira
  • Total Recall
  • Pan's Labyrinth

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  • Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace


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  • Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace

    Lucy Shimmers And The Prince Of Peace


    never asking for a movie rec from Anna again before sleeping, cause I don't wanna cry lol.

    the acting from the kid, pastor and the grandpa are good. The mom and Dad are not that good.

    the movie in itself is pretty standard but the message is kind okay.

    I don't know what crime Edgar comitted. And I'm not a believer of second chances but lol I cried like a lil girl.

    And as always miss my father.

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Worth it,
    Holding the suspense like a boss,
    I was cheering for Alex and Grace all the time.

    "are you okay what happened to you ?"
    "in laws"

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  • Nefarious



    First of all.

    I don't get the bad scores, it's well produced, It's tense enough.

    The dialog is well conducted, the characters are interesting enough.

    Second, I liked it, it's not the best movie ever made, but it is an interesting take on the story, the fact that "the enemy" didn't show up was probably a good decision.

    Third, it's good to see movies about God who aren't pedantic, Sunday movies, it's a new attempt to tell a story in…

  • EuroTrip



    Watched it again with a bunch of stoners.

    They were too high, lol this movie holds up.

    Scott doesnt know is indeed catchy.