Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

I find it difficult to fault this movie. 

I never got around to seeing this while it was in the theater. More’s the pity for me, because this is one special movie. 
The performances are so natural, it’s literally like watching home videos in a sense. Everyone feels so authentic and genuine, it’s so impressive to see movies like that now. 

It’s a tender ode to growing up, first love, parenthood, friendship, hometowns, and most especially, Sacramento, California. 

Even as a guy, I loved how relatable this movie was for anyone. There are moments where you can pick out and go, “that’s just like my mom”, or “I knew someone like that”. 

A true cinematic blessing, one that makes me excited for Greta Gerwig’s career in any respect that she chooses to pursue.

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