Midsommar ★★★★

A rather low four star rating, honestly. I loved the look, I loved the costuming, I loved the music, I loved the makeup and prosthetic work, all of those aspects were literally perfect. 

I borderline hated every single character. That is no fault of the actors, every performance is great, especially from Pugh. She is terrific, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The reason I hated the characters so much is because of how poorly they’re written. Not one character has a single arc. Everyone is a stock individual, no progression, just “Dani is the traumatized girlfriend. Christian is the asshole boyfriend. Mark is the token fool.” For the entire movie, everybody wanders around and goes, “huh, that’s weird. Chock it up to being Swedish, I guess”. Ari Aster has shown that he knows how to write good, well rounded characters in Hereditary, but here most are just puppets for a gruesome demise, more or less.

And I truly am shocked at how little this movie scares or disturbs. That could bespeak to my desensitization, but seriously, there’s no tension or dread. That’s what elevated Hereditary above literally every other horror movie I’ve ever seen is how consistently palpable the dread was from the first second of the film. Here, it just feels like R rated content was thrown into The Wizard of Oz. 

Perhaps this comes down to my problem with beautifully shot horror movies. Horror movies should be dark, they should be somber, they should have some element of grave danger to them, and here it just feels off. 

I’m complaining a lot, I know, but I genuinely did find this movie intriguing. It’s definitely different, but it sadly falls prey to the dreaded sophomore slump, in my opinion. 

And with that, I’ve now seen every A24 film released up until this point!

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