The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

What The Hunt lacks in, well, subtly, it makes up for in literal buckets full of bloody kills. 

Not really sure as to why this is controversial. It’s basically making fun of conservatives with jabs at liberals as well. It’s not as balanced as they might make you think, the right gets a more harsh treatment (in my opinion anyway), but I did like that it at least says a little bit about the way liberals operate as well. 

Politics aside, the guns ‘n guts are the name of this game, and it’s a fun game to play indeed. The gore is great, the action is well shot, and satisfyingly brutal too. This movie holds no punches in the violence department, and has some great bits of grisliness. 

It’s definitely no Oscar contender, and the characters are extremely underdeveloped. Maybe that’s the point, maybe it could have done with a bit more characterization, but I felt like I couldn’t really connect with anyone because pretty much every character is an insufferable asshole. 

But maybe that’s the movie trying to say we’re all assholes. I feel insulted now.