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  • The Scarf

    The Scarf


    If you are looking for a noir that is a bit different and totally engaging, then get your retinas on The Scarf. It is a strange film, the performances are great and that dialogue!

    The plot is pretty basic: man escapes from an insane asylum/prison. He has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend but has no memory of it. When he see a scarf on a lady that looks like the one he "used" strangling the girlfriend, it triggers a…

  • Blood 13

    Blood 13


    Wonderfully dark but common story about a young woman detective obsessing over a series of murders of sex workers. All the leads come to a strange taxicab driver who looks after his "sick" wife. But he seems to have an alibi every time...

    The strengths of Blood 13 are it's characterizations of the leads. Even though you do not get much backstory on them, they are fully realized. It is thoroughly disturbing throughout and looks great.

    I know the Chinese…

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  • Waiting for the Thin Man

    Waiting for the Thin Man


    Another quality film that I found out about while trolling Instagram by film maker Fernando Costa and his crew.

    Plot: Three men “acquire” a bag of $200,000 in cash. They are looking to launder it and split town with their ill gotten gains. They know about a criminal, “The Thin Man”, who would be able to do this quickly.  After discussing this with a middleman to set up the transaction… the waiting for The Thin Man to arrive begins.

  • Time to Hunt

    Time to Hunt


    On the surface, it's just another caper/heist film with a couple of weird exceptions... it's set in an dystopian future ( the set designs are excellent) we know nothing about and there is a psychotic assassin involved who likes to toy with his prey. It looks great and there is a boat ton of tension throughout this film. Some might think it's too long but hey....it's a freaking Korean film! Just settle down and run with it. Fiend 'O' Meter is at a 8/10