La La Land ★★★★½

When I first heard the pitch for a music school melodrama starring Miles Teller from the Sundance cabal, I was highly skeptical; it turned out to be my favorite film of 2014 and the first new film in two years I'd enter on my top 100 ... After hearing that the same director would be undertaking a resurrection of the big Hollywood musical (easily my least favorite genre), with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as the leads, I walked into the TIFF screening with that familiar feeling of skepticism; this technicolor rhapsody of music and machine is now my favorite film of 2016 and the first new film in two years that I'd find a place for in my top 100 ... I guess what I'm saying, Damien Chazelle, is that I dig your passion and your craft and I trust you - stick to what you know and love and don't let me down (because I will turn on you!)

And as much as I love/hate being just another voice in the chorus ... My Favorite Film of 2016: La La Land.

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