Suspiria ★★½

If you have seen the trailer, then it would be no spoiler to point out that this remake of the 1977 cult classic is the kind of film that has a big finale.  But in this film’s big finale, I found myself trying to keep track of the personnel (as in, “ok wait, if that is so-and-so, then who or what is THAT?  I thought there where three of those, not four!”) instead of being taken in by the spectacle.  The problem here is not so much narrative incoherence as a lack of commitment to a consistent level of narrative incoherence.  The story feels like a table that’s missing a leg, wobbling precipitously for two and a half hours as it attempts to prop up an hour’s worth of setpieces and moments that the filmmakers thought would be really cool.

On the plus side: the soundtrack.

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