The Keeping Room ★★★½

A "feminist western"? Sure, I'll buy that. In fact, I have to wonder if the explicit attempt in the opening intertitle to contextualize this narrative as a what-war-does-to-men contemplation may be a case of the filmmakers doth protesting too much - I think there may be something much broader, and more fundamentally disturbing, being said about the contrary natures of, and devolution of relationships between, the genders. But I need to chew on that one a bit more ...

In any event, when it comes to the other reviews of this little-seen Civil War melodrama/rape-revenge flick, I would give a bit more slack to first feature scribe Julia Hart with respect to the dialogue. And I would also add that Brit Marling (who took over after Olivia Wilde dropped out) is at the top of her game.

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