While We're Young

While We're Young ★★★

Being a fan of The Squid and the Whale (2006) and Greenberg (2010), I was looking forward to writer/director Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young – the premise being a 40s couple (Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts) that attempts to rejuvenate by befriending a 20s couple (Adam Driver, Amanda Seyfried) – well, that is, until I saw the trailer. I am happy to report that the film itself rises a bit above its cheaper gags and tropes, as Baumbach exhibits a penchant for getting to the truth behind stereotypes and a certain degree of empathy for all of his characters – well, that is, when he is actually doing the writing and not his muse. (Although While We’re Young will likely be dismissed among cineastes' top 5 Baumbach lists in the years to come, the Millenials on display here have a few more dimensions than the cloying and annoying Francis Ha (2013).) In a way, While We’re Young is a deconstruction of the type of Woody Allen-esque movie one would expect from its trailer. That said, I am not completely sold on the message of the epilogue – well, that is, unless I give what may be too much credit to the expressions on the faces in that last shot.