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  • Cold War

    Cold War


    The bitter longing and the loneliness of those far from home. The sense that one sheds one's own identity and becomes lost somewhere where he once was.

    Pawlikowski said this film is loosely based on his parents' relationship. As he said and felt at times about his parents, "even those we love intensely can become a mystery, enshrined in memory yet eclipsed by our own conflicted nostalgia".

    Powerful and memorable.

  • Titanic: The Legend Goes On...

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    This is what cinema ought to be. Call me by your name acts profoundly by puting a theme that we perceive as so complex - Love - and giving it the Abstract and Pure form; it is about Love without ties or social boundaries. It's Love as naked as the grass or the sky that spread through Lombardy and Lake Garda, in the atmospheric 80s, yielding the sensation of nostalgia, a memory about a Summer we never had. It is the type of film that sticks with you for a long time. If not through recollection, at least through the consciouscness of such real emotions.

  • Anomalisa



    Who are you? And what urges your soul? Put a raw declaration about the constant fear of shallow social conventions and behaviour overwhelming your subtle feelings into a state of apathy, so superficial it becomes reliable, together with a self-centred and self-conscious craving for something which is never going to be there, and you have Anomalisa at its core. A cry for help of frustration and quotidian angst on the tedium of existential doubts of your own Life. Kaufman is a genius.