Gravity ★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I get it. It looks gorgeous. It looks absolutely enthralling. Possibly top 5 visual effects i've ever seen. Especially in IMAX. Alfonso Cuarons direction is perfect, congrats on your win man. But looks aren't everything. 

This movie is cheesy as shit. In terms of story nothing happens. I get it, Sandra Bullock is scared. I get it, it's a metaphor for rebirth. I get the movie ok? But have shit happen besides her flying through space. Or at least give her some character. Saying her daughter is dead and she's sad about it isn't enough. I want more out of this character and more even from a better actress. I'm sorry I don't think Sandra Bullock is a good actress. "Oh AJ you can't say that she has an oscar" well good for her, i'm happy she has an award but that doesn't mean she isn't boring as shit.

You know what's going to happen at the end. You just know. Aside from the directing, it's cliché'd. 

Also Sandra Bullock howls in the movie. Did I mention it's cheesy.?