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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Somehow I enjoyed it more this time.

Sometimes when I have art homework to do I like to put a Pixar movie on in the background. Somehow it just hits different. 

I have an observation about the homosexual messaging that everyone has mentioned about this film:

Yes this film is clearly an allegory about being or coming out as gay. But I don’t think it needs to have Luca and Alberto get together. The movie uses them hiding their true species as a metaphor for being closeted. So the whole point of the movie is to teach young children (and I guess adults) about feeling comfortable in your true skin and how to accept others different to you. But it disguises it in a way that is fun for kids. 

Pixar has made a film about social politics and a depressed man having a midlife crisis so they masked it as a super hero film 
- The Incredibles

Pixar has made a film about the struggles of parenting and having to watch and let your child grow up so they made the main characters fishes… and toys
 - Finding Nemo.. and Toy Story 4

Pixar movies teach important messages and themes in a way that is accessible to children. So no, I don’t think that Disney tried to suppress the homosexuality in this film. I believe that Pixar Studios and Enrico Casarosa told the story they wanted… the way they wanted to.

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