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  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    A lot of interesting territory to explore but when something desperately lacks style and perspective in several areas, much of it doesn't play well enough to work. All talk, no walk.

    Smileys: Some neat production design

    Frowneys: Lighting, directing, pacing

    I don't think we get to see an emptier or the emptiest man based on how this was dumped by the studio.

    full review: www.aftermisery.com/post/the-empty-man-review

  • The Kid Detective

    The Kid Detective


    This film's mix is wonderful; funny bits hit, truthful moments have a bite to them, editing is brisk and Adam Brody is perfectly suited for the role. Even flies above the mystery at hand.

    Smileys: Humour, Adam Brody, editing, story

    Frowneys: Minor characterisation issues

    I would also pitch this concept as a miniseries for anyone willing to listen, not even kidding.

    full review: www.aftermisery.com/post/the-kid-detective-review

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  • Antebellum



    Antebellum might very well be the most perplexing piece of work to come out in last few years as how a viewer would approach discussing it in any way. Janelle Monรกe stars as both Eden and Veronica and; Eden is a slave at a 19th century plantation looking for a chance to escape while Veronica is an author and a speaker on black peopleโ€™s issues in modern time, the movie structuring itself changing between these two timelines. We might asโ€ฆ

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Unable to push the absurd premise beyond that as much of it reminds you of one of those more mediocre titles at student film festivals, except this time itโ€™s filled with a lot of meaningless American, Hollywood mumbo jumbo.

    Smileys: Editing and Zendaya are mostly great

    Frowneys: Screenplay, dialogue, runtime, cinematography

    That budget has to be fake right?

    full review: www.aftermisery.com/post/malcolm-and-marie-review