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  • Greta



    The trailer for this movie didn’t convinced me at all so I passed on it.

    But now that’s on Prime I’ve decided to give it a go.


    I regret not seeing this one in theaters when it came out back then.

    All I can say this is a well crafted thriller, the script is simple and uses the cliche elements for a stalker story very on point, the direction manages the tension on a very hypnotic note and as…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    I have a lot to say about The Lighthouse.. I had a lot to process after watching this film and honestly I'm fascinated of every little detail that complements this film as a whole.

    First of all its amazing to see how myths and legends, fables and folklore are one of the most important things for Eggers as a filmmaker, with this film and his past one I could even say he's a brilliant period piece storyteller, the way he…

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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    I cried a couple of times watching this movie, but I had to be really silent so my girlfriend couldn't hear me.

    This is a personal film, a deeply look into the portrait of a real family, heartfelt powerful and sad, elevated directing and elevated performances.

    This is a must see!

  • Joker



    A solid set piece with big opportunities wasted, it doesn't dare to go beyond the ideas it tries to represent, a self centered script that stumbles trying to build an emotional resonance with the character and yet leaves on the table a set of thematic elements that are never developed further in their potential.

    Can't help to notice that Todd Philips is desperately trying to become the Scorsese of our generation, but the result it's a mixture of references that…