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  • Dirty Pretty Things

    Dirty Pretty Things


    Interesting central narrative to keep it engaging throughout but the film is held back because it feels very much like a TV film (worth noting it is a BBC films production, before the days where TV films felt like they could easily be on the big screen). Because of this, the script and the acting and the cinematography, it all leaves a lot to be desired. Which is a shame because given the subject matter, I think they could very much have stretched themselves creatively.

  • Macbeth



    Quite amusing re-reading my review from 3 years prior of Macbeth where I said the Assassin's Creed film was in 'creative hands' and that Fassbender was 'only going to get better'. Perhaps not turned out how I would have thought...that said, this is still one of the far better Shakespeare adaptations to film with its strong performances, stark cinematography and memorable visuals.

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  • Whiplash



    A believable and smartly made film, with effective editing to provide a great drama and tension to the narrative. Miles Teller announces himself as a competent lead, and while JK Simmons is no stranger to the 'angry superior' character, that doesn't make it any less of an intimidating, strong performance.

    My personal favourite film from 2014 so far.

  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    A splendid coming-of-age tale about a young witch, Kiki (accompanied by her cute and whimsical cat Jiji), who has to leave home in search of independence. As charming as Ghibli can be, I feel they've reached the pinnacle with this one. It always amazes me the fact Ghibli can take such simple characters, a simple setting and a simple premise and bring them to life so effortlessly. But they never compromise on providing a positive message to the viewers (in this films case, the importance of maturing and pushing on through adversity). One of Miyazaki's finest, if not the.