Her ★★★★

The tagline 'A Spike Jonze Love Story,' should tell you everything you need to know about Her. It is as much a romance as it is a tragedy. A commentary on our modern world where connectivity creates disconnection. More than that, however, it is about the insanity of love. A topic often mentioned but seldom fully explored.

Every little piece fits together to make Her a modern masterpiece. The music from Arcade Fire is beautifully fitting, but the core of the film is a stunning performance from Joaquin Phoenix. His acting is so shameless that you forget you are watching a fictional character, and begin to see pieces of yourself.

The setting is a surprisingly familiar future where thousands of people can inhabit the same space yet be miles apart. Early on in the film, Theodore says, 'Sometimes I think that I've already felt everything I will ever feel, and that from here on out, I'll only feel lesser versions of them.'

Are our feelings as programmed as Samantha's? Is falling in love with a computer any more insane than falling in love with a human being? These are the questions at the heart of Her, yet despite this seemingly bleak outlook, it remains hopeful. Maybe love is insane, but isn't the world a better place for it?

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