Slugs ★★★

I do not like insects, they absolutely creep me out. I won't even watch THE NEST because that cover art terrifies the fuck out of me. So of course I decide to watch SLUGS. And you know what? Not that scary. But it is really funny, inadvertently or not. DIrected by our favorite inept Spanish schlockmeister, Juan Piquer Simon, his direction has gotten better since PIECES, but it's still all over the shop, including a bunch of characters so grumpy, you'd want to see them dead (Alas.) Must mention the hilariously choice of soundtrack for this, which I'm positive I've heard on episodes of GREAT CRIMES AND TRIALS OF THE 20TH CENTURY. After hearing it there, it feels so inappropriate here, but it's a crack-up.

So yeah, I am not so scared of Slugs.

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