Dawn of the Mummy

Dawn of the Mummy ★★★

I decided to watch this purely because I understood it to be a mummy movie produced in Egypt. It was, in fact, filmed in Egypt, and apparently has a reasonable claim to being the only mummy movie shot entirely in Egypt, but it is an Italian-American co-production, which makes it markedly less interesting from a conceptual standpoint (I mean, I've seen Italian horror movies before). Some day I would like to see an entirely Egyptian take on this horror cliche.

I have no particular experience with or fondness for mummy movies, however, and all of that is not to say that Dawn of the Mummy isn't entertaining - the tremendous overacting by all parties, and especially George Peck as Rick, amplifies the B-movie value to a tolerable degree. Being Italian, it's also grody and nasty and gloopy and slimy in that peculiarly disgusting way, and if there is one thing that the Italians do better than anyone else, it's portraying the undead as nauseatingly liquescent flesh sacks. It is not quite as unique an experience as I had hoped it would be, but I would easily rate it as being among the movies that I have seen.

This fulfills the following Hooptober 8 criteria:
- 6 countries (Italy/USA)
- 8 decades (1980s)
- 4 films from 1981