Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

The first time I watched Mulholland Drive I was mesmerized and left thinking about it for days. Rewatching it I’m left just as mesmerized as I was the first time and it’s one of those films that make me realize how much I love film. Mulholland Drive is a dream, a nightmare, a beautiful enigma. Right from the beginning it pulls you into its dream world, riddled with tension and ambiguity and doesn’t let you go until the screen fades to black. Filled with so many nods to classic cinema, it’s an exposé of the industry and explores romanticism and disillusionment with Hollywood. I feel like I can talk forever about how smart the scenes are because Lynch’s direction is so masterful and I really appreciate that this doesn’t sacrifice an engrossing story purely for symbolism and abstractism. The score so perfectly captures the mysterious, trippy atmosphere and everyone is so great in this, but Naomi freaking Watts is wowow, it’s so sad the Academy didn’t nominate her. Mulholland Drive is for sure my favourite David Lynch out of what I’ve seen of his so far and I really need to force my friends to watch it because I have a dire need to discuss.

also need to wake from this dream that i can keep sleeping in and watch movies and accept the reality that my new semester starts tmrw :/

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