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  • Zootopia



    Gets an extra .5 star for the Sloth scene alone....

  • Split



    A strong and suspenseful first half, with some great acting and a story that unfolds in a masterful way.

    There was a point where I thought I was watching the ending and was a bit pissed off, thinking M Night has once again messed up the landing... but then I got to the real ending and all was good in the world again :) Cant remember the last time I had such a visceral reaction to a movie... a part…

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  • Calvary



    -They say you can find beauty in everything, if you look hard enough.
    -I’d say you can find beauty in most things, not everything…that’s nonsense…

    A beautiful contemplative drama told with a confident directorial vision.

    The acting, story, cinematography, directing were all good, so good in fact I stopped paying attention to it half way through and just enjoy the brilliance that was on screen. Gleeson is excellent in this film, he almost brought me to tears with a facial…

  • Big Hero 6

    Big Hero 6


    Love it.

    Way better than I was expecting it to be. Wasn't aware of the source materiel in the slightest, looking forward to the inevitable slew of sequels...with trepidation of course