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  • The Oxford Murders

    The Oxford Murders


    This is right up my alley. I love me some good British murder mystery, with sprinkles of Dan Brown-ism. I also never get tired of John Hurt in anything or of Elijah Wood’s choice in acting roles. I was a little thrown by the supposed philosophy master’s initial grandiose exclamations, some of which so fallible even I could pick them apart ("The butterfly that flutters his wings and causes a hurricane on the other side of the world" - we've…

  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    Run Lola Run is like The Butterfly Effect, but the 90’s German version – terrible, gritty techno and all. The tension and even the slightly amusing moments hold up well, but, unlike The Butterfly Effect, this movie doesn’t explain itself. There is no explanation given as to why each run-through starts to slightly deviate or why there are several run-throughs at all. And that kind of takes it away from the movie for me.

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  • Stardust



    Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one came completely out of left field for me.

    Knowing nothing of the movie, I assumed it's just some light fairy tale movie. And it is that, but also so much more. This is like a fairy tale Galore! I swear the guy who wrote this was on more drugs than the guy who wrote Alice in Wonderland (and we all know that guy was tripping balls).

    It's all over the place with the story, but it…

  • Maggie



    I really wanted to like this and was even negotiating with myself until the very end if I could somehow give this at least 3 stars. But no.

    It's deathly slow and the ending is even more anti-climactic than I expected.

    Bonus points for two things that I really enjoyed (and why I wanted to like this more). First, the concept of a zombie plague where the world hasn't completely fallen apart, but is still functioning on a reasonable level.…