Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

The image making king is back with his dream lens and reinvigorating the zombie genre in an all-out bombastically gory self-aware heist film. Clocking in at two and half hours, it never feels like its overstaying or crammed, but methodically paced to give the audience just enough time to connect with the greatly stacked cast of the film. 

Some of my favorite zombies in recent memory by sustaining Romero's evolution and giving us full out "smart zombies" who can communicate, parkour, and fight in one-to-one combat maneuvering and dodging in eerily agile ways, adding enough flare to the already humdrum zombie tropes to keep the excitement going. Also paying homage to Romero is the way Snyder incorporates the same subtle satire and social commentary in today's political climate era without being heavy-handed or insincere with its cast. Glad Netflix also greenlit a show because there totally can be more to explore in this universe. 

Happy my man is back to his roots with this spiritual rediscovery of filmmaking.

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