Carol ★★★★★

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(Film 48) 

She’s spent her life gazing out of windows watching as the scenery flies by, writing things she’ll never let others read, closing her eyes while the music plays and imaging she’s in another world, she’s spent her life daydreaming. She’s imagined what life would be like if she was famous. She imagined what things would be like if her dreams took off. She’s imagined what her future home would look like. She’s imagined what it would be like to fall in love. 

“You’ll know when you’re in love” she was always told, and she thought she would never feel it. She tried to force it, push herself to feel that way, but she never did. 

Now, all of that has changed. They were right. She knows that she’s in love. She always assumed it would be easy. But love isn’t easy. Especially when you can’t openly express your love, because the world can’t believe that it exists. Especially when you’re forced to feel as though your love is causing issues. That you need “help” because your love is different. 

She feels like it’s wrong for awhile, because of the way they all make it seem. The world is a cruel place, and she just doesn’t understand it. She thinks it’s all her fault. Why can’t she just be in love, and be happy like everyone else? Why is this any different? Isn’t love supposed to be beautiful? Why isn’t hers? 

Love IS beautiful. It’s powerful. It can overpower any other feeling. It can make you do dumb things, it can make do good things, it can make you a better person. Love can change your life forever. It can be hard, but in the end, there’s no getting away from it. You can’t take that away from people, no matter how hard you try. And for that, she’s willing to fight. Why shouldn’t she let her love be known? Why should she have to hide it, have to deny it and live in misery? Love wins, always.

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