Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

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Through their filmography the Coens have created some of the most iconic and memorable characters in film history, and Llewyn Davis might just be one of their most interesting ones yet. 

This presents us with so much heart, so much raw honesty. Llewyn isn’t a great person, not by any means, but he also has aspects of him that are relatable, achingly so. But it’s the flaws presented with this character that make him stand out. 

People aren’t perfect, some even less so than others. Flawed characters are the most interesting ones, because at some points you find yourself rooting for them because you see yourself in them, but then the next you find yourself wishing they fall flat on their face. 

With Llewyn Davis, the Coens have created a perfect example of an anti hero. Oscar Isaac, the witty dialogue, and music all help bring him to life and help this be the witty, honest, yet also heartbreaking film that it is. 

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