Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★★

Telling a story from a child’s perspective isn’t something new within the realm of film by any means, but as with any idea, there are executions that do something new and memorable. This film focuses on war from a child’s perspective, and manages to blend the horror with the innocence of our main character in a way that’s beautifully poetic and dark. 

This is so heart wrenching in a way that I wish I could describe. IT JUST HURT ME, OKAY? Watching the childhood torn from this poor little girl by the inhumane people and acts around her absolutely broke me, especially when she kept that magical wonder alive within herself the whole time. 

The care put into this film is dripping in every frame, this is the sort of film where the effort and love from everybody involved is very obvious. I found myself immersed within this world for near two hours of this film’s runtime, from the set design, the monsters, the performances, the cinematography, the colors, the music, everything about it is impeccable. 

Many have called this an adult fairytale, and that rings extremely true. It’s a fantasy film set upon the dark and dreary backdrop of war, the harshness and true cruelty of people taking away all happiness from a child, who for one second just wants to believe that with magic, she can take it all away. This is a perfect example of how to make a film about kids for adults, and a perfect representation of how even in the worst times, childhood innocence never wavers and kids always try and look for the best in anything.

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