Parasite ★★★★★

(While I don’t blatantly spoil anything specific, I wouldn’t read this if you would like to go in completely blind, I suppose.) 

Seeing this again in theaters was completely and totally worth it. The amount of dots I connected this time around is astounding. It’s the sort of film that just benefits upon several vieweings, there’s always new details to pick up. I wanna see it again as soon as possible. 

Everything about this is so wonderfully crafted, it doesn’t miss a single beat. There isn’t a dull moment, nothing feels out of place or bloated in any way. There’s so much to think about, even after seeing it several times. Even in small things like the poster and title, there are several layers and ways to look at it. 

For the most part, a lot of what to get out of it is up to the viewer. Who do you want to root for? Which characters are good? Which characters are evil? What really IS good and evil? Is anybody really ANYTHING? Who’s the parasite? WHAT is the parasite? Even after several viewings, I am unsure of these answers, and they honestly shift each time I watch. 

This takes the sort of poor and rich family stories (honestly wouldn’t even call it just that) we’ve seen so many times and completely flips it, making you question everything you thought you knew. Each time you watch you can watch it from a new perspective, and see the film’s world through different eyes. It’s exciting, thrilling, darkly funny, and relevant. Not to mention that it’s also very good on a technical and filmmaking level. Wonderfully shot (it is indeed the best food movie since Phantom Thread, it’ll leave you HUNGRY), well acted (the characters are so well portrayed that they feel like real people that anybody can know), it’s truly something to behold, no matter what aspect of it you look at. 

All in all, Parasite is a film that transcends genre, becoming its own original piece of work that could probably fit into several sub categories, but doesn’t conform completely to any of them. What an achievement, certainly one of the best of the year, and one of the best to come out in awhile. An instant classic.

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