The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★


Recommend me films!! 

Body horror at its finest. 

I absolutely LOVED the atmosphere in this one, a frigid and cold environment is the best place for a group of dudes to turn against each other while being hunted by an alien. 

While I had a fun time, this is such a tense and terrifying experience, there’s something truly scary about something lurking around in plain sight the whole time, keeping you guessing and wondering. You don’t know where the danger is, it could be staring at you the whole time. You don’t know who to trust, just the like characters. As they all slowly begin to lose their minds, you wonder if you’re beginning to lose yours as well. 

I can’t really say anything else that hasn’t already been said about this, it’s a masterpiece of horror as everyone says, and I’m angry it took me so long to see it!! Long live 80s horror!

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