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  • PlayTime



    I mean, formally, this is very likely one of the best movies I’ll flat out ever see in my life, right?
    There’s quite literally nothing like this that I’ve ever experienced. Such brilliance to reduce cinema, and comedy as a whole, down to its very essence. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it feels like the current cinema landscape has lost its way. Here, in PlayTime, it never really felt more apparent. The fact that something as simple…

  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout

    Mission: Impossible – Fallout


    The entire time watching this, I figured my review would harken upon the age old idea of movie magic. How filmmakers use every trick in the book to take a series of images and manipulate the viewer into feeling what they want their audience to feel. Yet the final moments of Mission: Impossible - Fallout really can't be described as manipulative. Obviously, there's a ton of movie magic within this that allows the film to come together. But a film…

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  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    A wildly riveting film that plays with the very idea of perception and how it dictates our lives and the choices we make
    The construction of this thing is just so deceptively simple yet brilliantly effective
    Makes all the best possible choices time and time again, and leaves you intensely riveted just by manner of a tightly written script, fascinating directing, and a very strong lead performance from Sandra Hüller
    Longer thoughts to come on this one soon

  • Trauma



    What a shockingly odd film that leaves you more perplexed than anything else
    There’s a cool premise somewhere in here, and I do kinda love the final twenty minutes even if it meanders to getting to that absolutely bananas last minute reveal
    There’s just so little of the Argento violence or horror in this one with so much meandering, on top of an, at BEST, gross romance that works on no level whatsoever
    The music was good though, and I kind of adore the haunting beauty of that main theme?

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    The Favourite


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    Nominate Horacio, The Fastest Duck In The City for Best Actor