Aladdin ★★★½

I love the original so my expectations going into this were very high
Were they fully met? No. But did I have a smile on my face the entire time? Ya damn right
Will Smith isn’t Robin Williams and he isn’t trying to be, and those comparisons need to stop as it’s just disrespectful to both parties
He’s fantastic as his own version of the Genie (and I gotta say, the hip-hop elements were a bomb addition to the music)
Going off that, the music was great as always, and Naomi Scott was really belting it out, so i’m a big fan of her now
I will agree that some sequences felt very weird, especially One Jump Ahead, but it still doesn’t detract from how good that song is
These re-imaginings aren’t ending anytime soon, so instead of crying and complaining, it seems like the best course of action is to sit back and take in what we have in front of us. And if you didn’t like this, don’t worry, THE ORIGINAL STILL EXISTS SO CALM DOWN

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