Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★★★

The level of hype when I sat in the theater to see this was so wild, and after buying my Endgame tickets today, it truly pales in comparison to my levels now
Nevertheless, Age of Ultron is still damn good through and through
All the action setpieces feel more massive than the last, and when you start with that fantastic opening shot, that’s saying a lot
The banter among the Avengers is at full power, and god I love that party scene so much
The addition of the twins are great, because Scarlet Witch is just so freaking dope, although how they handled Quicksilver still rubs me the wrong way
James Spader has the perfect villain voice and Ultron still looks fantastic
Unfortunately, some of the other CG looks pretty dated and when it stuck out, it stuck out noticeably
Overall, still a very fun time and a great follow up to the original Avengers. And that post credit oooooo boy, I remember nearly punching somebody the first time I saw it!

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