Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

Spoilers will ensue in this write-up, but it seems the whole world has seen it so it shouldn’t matter too much.

As Silvestri’s score started picking up and Falcon utters the infamous, “On your left”, I couldn’t help but tear up. Not because of the impending sacrifice that I knew was coming from Tony. No. It’s because as Black Panther threw an Iron Man gauntlet full of Infinity Stones to Spider-Man, the full scope of the MCU truly hit me hard. As Spidey escaped from an onslaught of enemies by catching hold of Mjolnir being thrown by Cap, the floodgates opened. And the reason I began crying became clear to me. Because as I watched yet another cinematic achievement from Marvel, it dawned on me how far these films have come. Over the past decade, seeing every film opening weekend with my uncle has been a tradition. And that tradition has made way for some of the greatest theater moments in my life. Say what you will about MCU films, the joy they give me is undeniable, so much so to the point that I don’t fully know if I can rate all these films objectively. But that’s fine in all honesty. Because for something to illicit such childhood wonder all these years, films, characters, and jaw dropping moments later, something has got to be going right. Who knows if Endgame will ever be topped, both by the next massive Marvel film, or even at the box office. But regardless, I will be invested in these films for as long as they continue to bring me that wonder.

 It’s reasons like these why I love film so much. All types of films. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else for liking what they like. Thanks Marvel. Thanks Stan Lee. Thanks Tony. Thanks for reading this if you have. Love you 3000.

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