BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

I’m going to try and muster up the language to accurately describe the jaw-dropping, intense, hysterical, and flat out honest experience that was BlacKkKlansman
While I’ve only ever seen Do The Right Thing, it is evident throughout his reputation and the only other film of his i’m familiar with that Spike Lee has something to say
For a story that takes place in 1979, I couldn’t help becoming angry in my seat as the events that transpired are no different in 2018, and it speaks volumes to the massive steps back that this country has taken 
I have to start with this statement: All those jabs at you-know-who are VERY in your face, and i’m positive some people will surely be enraged by this, but make no mistake, they are placed there to showcase the genuinely unbelievable story unfolding before us on the screen, and the uncanny parallels to what we are currently experiencing. Every laugh could genuinely be considered a nervous laugh, due to our own self reflection as we realize if it’s too late

It’s clear Spike Lee had something to say, but he didn’t speak through only the camera, but he had his cast do a fantastic job of speaking on his behalf
John David Washington is a phenomenal lead, and he is sure to have a career as illustrious and incredible as his father. There were moments where it genuinely felt, looked, AND sounded like Denzel, but he also brought his own spin to the performance
Adam Driver continues to amaze me and prove all his Star Wars haters wrong with a great performance. I would like to see him in comedies as well because his timing is impeccable
Another tangent, this movie is FUNNY. Almost too funny given the subject matter, and at times, people are clearly laughing when the circumstances would never genuinely call for it, but it’s all due to Spike Lee setting the film up in a way that has no tonal limits, and the film doesn’t suffer at all from this aspect, but rather pushes it forward at a great pace

The scene that stood out to me was the gathering to listen to Kwame Ture speak
Corey Hawkins, while he is only in the film briefly, gives a performance that will be remembered for a long while
And Lee matches the intensity of the speech with some of the most simple yet elegant filmmaking i’ve seen. The floating heads all appearing one after another, all looking up as if God himself is speaking to each one individually. It is that moment very early on in the film that I knew this has matched the anticipation that had been building for quite some time

The constant parallels drawn up between the two opposing sides is genuinely remarkable, and there were some very upsetting moments that almost brought me to tears. The last five minutes could have fallen apart quickly, but Spike Lee being a master of the craft executed it perfectly, and that final shot is so haunting because it seems so true. 

I know this was a long review, and if you made it all the way through, it’s greatly appreciated. This is a film that deserves to be written about, spoken about, seen, and more. To sum this film up in one statement: It demands recognition from film lovers everywhere, and in every aspect. Thank you Spike Lee.

Side note: This is my 1000th film on Letterboxd, and I couldn’t have picked a better one for it to land on. This is everything a film could and should be, entertaining yet powerful. If you follow me and actively like or comment on my reviews, i’m glad somebody is interested, so again, thanks. So here’s to another 1000!

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