Burning ★★★★½

What a wildly thrilling puzzle from beginning to end
A film that has the audience constantly questioning not only what is occurring, but whether or not what we see is genuinely
Burning is ripe with mystery simply waiting to be dissected and pulled apart from multiple different perspectives
This mystery wouldn’t work without the genuinely incredible writing that is the perfect blend of ominous and ambiguous
Steven Yeun needs to be in more films, because he is perfect for this exact role. Such an enigma of a human, and it’s hard to tell what intentions lie behind his cunning smile
The imagery is equal parts beautiful, as well as dreary, providing a constant parallel between worlds as we see so divided in the film
The score is also very intense, but the film works even better during the moments that lack music
A thriller unlike any other, Burning captivates you very early on and slowly pulls you towards an absolutely insane finale, one that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled

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