Captain Marvel ★★★½

Captain Marvel proves the formula will work again and again, and it will have its flaws for sure, but it will always be a fun time regardless
To any Larson haters, y’all gotta grow up because she clearly had such a great time with the role and it made the film so much better. She’s equal parts charming and badass
Samuel Jackson was also hysterical and brought a lot of laughs in, plus that de-aging looked absolutely incredible
The 90s aesthetic worked very well and the 90s cheesiness worked really well overall 
This film is definitely full of problems, from a sometimes over reliance on nostalgia, to a plot that goes in way too many directions
There’s also some stuff that really didn’t need to be in the film, but that’s getting a bit spoilery
Also, the Skrulls and their transformations looked truly awesome, and it’s so great seeing the comics come to life, but I hate the direction the MCU took them in

(Anyone who peeped that Mallrats joke, you a real one) SEE YALL IN THE ENDGAME

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