Children of Men ★★★★★

There’s a moment in the third act that caused me to break down. As the credits rolled and I say there collecting myself, I questioned what exactly was it that caused me to unleash the tears. The sheer disgust I had for what was transpiring was a possibility. The depths to which the world had to sink in order to allow this one beautiful moment of hope is another. The realization that this film mimics parts of the world we live in today. There were many factors that I’m sure can’t come to mind, but all in all, this moment was one that was chilling, beautiful, breathtaking, and horrifying, and was the immaculate followup to one of the most well known (and for good reason) long takes in modern cinema, and there was no better way to handle it
Children of Men is a masterful look into a grim, depressing, bleak world with no children. Hope is all but lost, literally and figuratively. However, Alfonso Cuarón showcases this world with such fluidity and detail you can’t help but admire the horrid world it’s showing you
I always love a film that makes me sit back and just think. Not necessarily about the film, but moreso about what I would do in the world I just lived in the past two hours. Children of Men is without a doubt one of those experiences. It’s only an added benefit that the filmmaking on display commands your attention, in both visual and audio aspects 
Full of moments that are heartbreaking, heartwarming, and heart pounding, Children of Men deserves a spot in the upper echelon of film history, as I cannot for the life of me find something to pick apart, other than the fact I can’t ever watch it again for the first time

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