Death Proof ★★★★

When it comes to filmmaking, Death Proof is quite literally proof (pun intended), that Tarantino can do no wrong
The humor of this being a double feature on run down film doesn’t translate particularly well when watching at home, but I still enjoyed the absolute shit out of this
With an incredible cast of badass women, Kurt Russell going full psycho, and Tarantino’s purely entertaining and riveting script, this is a love letter to the 70’s seeming like it was made in the 70’s but it was transported to the “present” day
This film takes half its runtime to set up the rest of the plot, only to pull the rug out from under the viewer and go full batshit, and I loved every second of it
Jaw dropping, exhilarating, and literally exploding with energy, what many consider “low-level Tarantino” is still better than the best of most filmmakers’ entire careers

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