Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★

Dolemite Is My Name is the best superhero film that came out this year
I knew nothing about Rudy Ray Moore or his films prior to this other than that they existed and the impact it had on cinema
I feel ashamed now knowing this story, because my god, talk about an absolute icon and a champion for representation and doing whatever the hell you want to do in terms of creative expression
Always have to bet on yourself, and this film does a fantastic job at highlighting the positives that can come out of it. I wish it delved into the negative aspects a bit more because I can’t imagine everything turned out fine 100% of the time, but this was certainly an inspirational feel good film, so maybe it wouldn’t work as well with that inclusion
Eddie Murphy is simply phenomenal in this, and clearly put a lot of care into this performance, seemingly as a massive tribute to the man who inspired him
The supporting cast was all hysterical, and brought a lot of life to the film
Incredibly emotional and laugh out loud funny, this is a certified HIT

(Watched this on a train to Paris, just wanted to note it here to remind myself in the future!)

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