Edward Scissorhands ★★★★½

So this far surpassed my expectations, I love it
Putting aside the fact that The Inventor really just gave him scissors for hands and there’s a false rape claim that basically goes unmentioned, this is a cast and crew at their very best
The production design is simply marvelous, as every set not only felt authentic, but had a sense of stage play to it
That paired greatly with Elfman’s perfect score, which truly gave the whole film its fairy tale vibe
Johnny Depp is quirky, soft spoken, and his small bouts of anger come across perfectly
The relationship between him and Ryder, while a little underdeveloped, is still beautiful and works well as the crux of the film
I just love all this film has to say about conformity, society, and being different, and who better to tell that story than Tim Burton
He never does more than he needs to, and rather lets the story do all the work
This was really just exquisite and I mostly loved every second of it

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