Eighth Grade ★★★★★

I can confidently say Eighth Grade is one of the most genuine films of the year, and is a perfect example of what a coming of age story can truly be
This claim is backed up by many factors, all of which elevated this experience to soaring heights
Elsie Fisher truly is wonderful, and it’s so heartwarming watching her navigate what is arguably the most confusing time of young adulthood
She is extremely funny, she is definitely cool, and I hope she has a great career ahead of her
Josh Hamilton is literally perfect as Kayla’s dad. He has the jokes, mannerisms, and touching moments nailed to a tee, and he was an absolute joy as it’s just as confusing a time for him trying to help Kayla through her day to day life

Side note: That final speech was excellent, but anyone saying it’s better than Stuhlbarg in CMBYN, let’s not get ahead of ourselves people

The musical cues throughout the film are just as powerful as the images they accompany, and I really couldn’t imagine what this film would be like without them
Bo Burnham really has given us something very realistic and authentic. Something that feels less of a film and more of a documentary, which made me enjoy the film so much more, as it provided a great connection to all the characters
It’s extremely nuanced, from all the cringey moments and funny views into meme culture, it is incredibly funny, and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times throughout, and it is even unnerving at times, with the film even going in a direction I didn’t expect at one point 

Make no mistake, the hype behind this is definitely well deserved, and come awards time, Bo Burnham deserves to be recognized for this glaring achievement that is a debut no less

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