Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ★★½

What in God’s name did I just witness
Finally, the Fast and Furious franchise have fully succumbed to their ridiculous and absurd action tendencies, except this time, the action is unfortunately pretty bland and boring
Sure, it gets you laughing and wondering how these films even function, and they’re entertaining as hell in the moment, but wow are they just dumb
The Rock is an absolute superstar in this, and it really shows why he’s been so successful for so long. His charisma is off the charts, and Statham is a solid sidekick, even though he seems a bit tired of it all
The direction in this kinda felt uninspired which is my biggest problem with the film. For something as ridiculous as the events unfolding on screen, I was hoping for a presentation that was less bland
Still, this film is mindless, harmless fun, and ill surely be there for the inevitable sequel. These will keep making money because quite frankly, they’re all great palette cleansers

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