There’s no reason as to why a film with a $50 million budget should have awful CGI AND some of the most noticeable ADR problems i’ve ever seen
This seems like the lowest form of entertainment for audiences that want to shut their minds off and watch nothing unfold. I’m all for that from time to time, but this film feels like not only were they aware of this, but didn’t care to try anything further than that
At one point, Hellboy subtitles just the word “amigo”, and somewhere, GDT woke in a cold sweat at the fact this had to exist over his trilogy finale
The creature designs at the end were pretty cool, and that “one-take” is the only time this film seemed to have done anything different 
Yes, they leaned into their R rating, and that’s about the only saving grace of the film, because anything else would have made this already pointless reboot unbearable

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