Iron Man 2 ★★★

I enjoyed this a LOT more than I remembered
Iron Man 2 really does feel all over the place, but in concentrated bursts, it becomes solid
All the action setpieces are great, and War Machine versus Iron Man is such a great moment
RDJ has some more to work with here, and he’s as snarky as ever, but brings some emotion to it as well (Watching his father scene) which was great
Justin Hammer is a solid antagonist and really pushes everything forward, but Mickey Rourke on the other hand, not at all. A lot of wasted potential there, as they just make him bigger and then he’s immediately defeated
Black Widow’s introduction is great and got me excited for her film
A lot of seeds are planted here for future installments, and it puts a big smile on my face every single time, especially that post credit scene