Iron Man ★★★★½

The beginning of the MCU machine. The invention of the juggernaut. Without it, the MCU doesn’t exist. And luckily, it’s just as amazing as the day I saw it in theaters at 12 years old
RDJ is as charismatic as ever and nobody else could play Tony Stark. He brings such a level of charisma to it that it’s impossible to imagine an MCU without him (Endgame be gentle on us please)
Favreau really does a great job at balancing tense moments with very stylized sequences, and the action/suiting scenes are all fantastic
Yes it has its problems of some weird technical decisions, and the villain is just Big Iron Man (although Jeff Bridges is always great), but I can forgive these
This is just such a strong adaptation of one of the coolest heroes to ever do it, and it has me pumped for my MCU rewatch marathon. Check out my list in progress that is LONG overdue for such a huge fan of the MCU!

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