Logan Lucky ★★★½

The only thing better than a heist film is a Soderbergh heist film, and the only thing better than a Soderbergh heist film is an unconventional Soderbergh heist film
The greatest part of this film is how tongue in cheek it all is. From Oceans 7/11 to having a list of heist steps on the fridge door to breaking down how some bombs, I mean explosive devices, work, this script is on the nose and benefits greatly
It definitely isn’t airtight by any means, but it’s entertaining enough to quickly get past its problems
The Logan family is all fantastic and Craig is an absolute riot from beginning to end. Adam Driver continues to rise in my rankings of recent actors, and I wish Keough had a larger role in this
Those last 20 or so minutes were so great as I kept asking myself how was it all going to conclude
If ya like Soderbergh, I don’t get how you couldn’t enjoy this, and if anything is evident, it’s that he should never ever stop making films

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