Midsommar ★★★★

An absolutely demented fairytale from its opening horrors to its glorious finale, Midsommar is truly an experience that resides somewhere out of reality
Shockingly funny and deeply disturbing, this film finds a wonderful balance between the horrors that are transpiring, and leaving viewers with a twisted sense of cathartic optimism
Ari Aster is incredibly confident behind the camera, taking what worked with Hereditary and its cinematographer, and improving on it by simply getting even more creative
There’s a whole lot to unpack from this film, and as all sour relationships go, one will be looking for answers in places that may lead down a dark hole of reflection and a whole range of emotions, in which Florence Pugh absolutely dominates
This film basks in the beauty of its backdrop, and I can’t recall a horror film that remained this colorful throughout, except for Argento’s Suspiria obviously, but even then, they’re different palettes entirely
I don’t think I like this more than Hereditary, but i’m definitely leaving it room to grow and will surely have many more thoughts on a repeat viewing
All I know is that Ari Aster is coming back to fuck everyone up, and will leave you simultaneously begging to be let back into the world he crafts, but also thankful you’re out of the nightmare he conjured up


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