New York, New York ★★★

In the hands of anybody else, it’s easy to see this film falling apart at every angle
Luckily, Scorsese is able to pull some semblance of a film out, even if it’s a jumbled, dragged out, and choppy narrative
New York, New York is a musical that clearly had some inspiration on La La Land, but where the latter succeeded, the former loses its course
What’s most upsetting to me is how unlikable De Niro’s character is, although he is fantastic as usual, it seems his behavior is sometimes used for comedic effect. There are moments that go against this claim, and those are great performances from both leads, but they come across the screen much too late
A great ending would have been after all massive musical number, but instead the film goes on longer than it should
The music is definitely great and the production design is the highlight, with every scene feeling larger than life on a Broadway stage
Still, it’s very cool that Scorsese even made this to begin with, and there are many brilliant moments behind the camera that make New York, New York an interesting film to dive into

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