Slacker ★★★½

Slacker is a film about the human experience, and the connective tissue that links strangers to one another
It could be someone you briefly interact with at a store, or a restaurant, or someone you pass on the street, but every one of those people, ourselves included, have a path they are following, with an individual mindset and thought process
No character in this is deemed to have more importance than another, but rather, everyone remains on the same playing field. Yes, some characters are much more, let’s call them, eccentric, than others, but every random person has a moment in the spotlight
The film in and of itself is meant to meander in the best way imagineable, although it can definitely drag at times
The script can feel pretentious, but as this is assuredly based off of many realistic moments, I feel that’s intentional. There are rarely conversations, but rather, people just listening to the insane theories being presented
The quote that best explains this film is spoken by an old man discussing life in Austin with the man who broke into his home, and I adore it:

This town always had its fair share of crazies, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

This debut is a brilliant indie film that shows Linklater’s skill behind the camera, and I personally enjoyed it very much

Criterion Blu-Ray

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