The Lion King ★★★★

Jeez the Internet sure is angry with this one, so I can’t wait to completely avoid discourse on it or get slandered for my opinion lol
Was this necessary? Not really, but then again, nothing in the entertainment world is. We take in what we want and we push the rest to the side. Do I love the original film? Absolutely! It’s a masterpiece that i’ve seen too many times to count. Will I watch this as much? Who knows, but I would definitely watch this if it was on. Then again, I haven’t watched the original in years upon years, so these movies really aren’t my style of active rewatch
I’m reviewing this not based on whether or not it’s better than the original, because i’m under the impression that a remake doesn’t have to be better than the original. Obviously that’s the best case scenario and what everyone wants from a remake, but I truly can’t understand how anyone watches this whole film and can say it was bad. Like, the worst movie they’ve ever seen type bad. THIS IS NOT THAT. The confusion turning lack of improvement into automatically being atrocious is so silly in my opinion, but maybe i’m letting nostalgia get the best of me
All I know is, when I heard the incredible Donald Glover and fucking Beyoncé singing together, I couldn’t help but have a massive smile on my face and shed a single tear of joy. Hearing Eichner and Rogen have such chemistry as Timon and Pumbaa was absolutely hysterical. James Earl Jones booming voice was such a trip down memory lane
I loved watching this, and if you didn’t, that’s whatever. But to say it’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen is just closing your eyes to the visual beauty that’s unlike anything i’ve seen in a long time

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