The Phantom of the Opera ★★★

Having just recently seen this on Broadway, I was eager to hear the music once again and see the story unfold before me
What I loved most about the play on Broadway is simply how inventive it was with its stage direction and the complete usage of the entire space of the theater. It truly felt magical, and this film couldn’t seem to replicate that feeling for me
Obviously, seeing it live is incredibly difficult to match, but I feel for a play that’s as creative as it is, the film should have at least attempted to reach these creative heights
Instead, this felt fairly run-of-the-mill, and as such, that runtime was very much felt
I will say, as far as adaptations go though, this is pretty much identical which is awesome. The only liberties taken are the cutaways relating back to the prologue, which I found unnecessary as the film progressed, but I liked the epilogue it brings forward
The music in this is truly incredible and has definitely stood the test of time
Nothing in this stood out to me, but it was certainly a valiant attempt and a decent one at that